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Customer Survey

Chance to Win Coupon Code Draw Survey

As Spack Craft Fabric is just starting up, we have tons of ideas and need to prioritize what to work on next!  As such, we have launched our first ever customer survey!

Everyone who fills out a survey will be sent an exclusive coupon code on November 1st as well as be entered into a draw for a $10 gift card. 

One $10 gift card will be drawn for every 50 respondents, so tell a friend! 

To be eligible, you must click "submit" at the end of the survey.  If you don't have any text in the last question, just hit the small chevron down button to have the "submit" button show up.

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  • Spack Craft Fabric on

    Thank you so much for your kind words! Very glad you are happy with your order & service!!

  • Jill Parker on

    The on line shopping service is great. I ordered one day and it was in the mail the next.
    The material was just what I hoped for. Very nice! Thanks.

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