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Brand Ambassadors

Spack Craft Fabric offers a Brand Ambassador program in order to promote use of our fabric in other small handmade businesses!  

We believe in handmade!  It is difficult enough to compete against big business with a commercial price tag on your materials.  In order to support small handmade business, Spack Craft Fabric has a limited number of Brand Ambassador positions available.  

What do you get for being a Brand Ambassador?

Brand Ambassadors get a unique repeat use discount code to use to save a little on their purchases.  There are three levels of this program, everyone starts at bronze and moves up depending on quantity purchased.

Bronze - 15% discount on purchases, yardage purchased up to 50 yards
Silver - 20% discount on purchases, yardage purchased between 50 and 100 yards
Gold - 25% discount on purchases, yardage purchased over 100 yards

What are the duties of a Brand Ambassador?

Brand Ambassadors are expected to be active on social media and sharing pictures of their purchases and finished goods made from Spack Craft Fabric with appropriate tags and links on a regular basis (approximately once a week or several times a month as appropriate).

Brand Ambassadors are also expected to exemplify the ideals behind Spack Craft's brand - fostering kindness, a joy of crafting, supporting other small business and overall good vibes. 

Spack Craft has always been about happiness, love and kindness.  We are absolutely against discrimination and bullying.  We do not tolerate these behaviors in our Brand Ambassadors and reserve the right to discontinue membership in this program at any time.

What are the requirements to apply?

You must have your own handmade business and have strong social media skills.  

There are 5 positions available at any given time.

How do I apply?

Send us an e-mail or use the "Contact Us" page to start the conversation.  Please include your social media accounts in addition to a store webpage if you have one.  

Who are your current Brand Ambassadors?

We are so glad you asked!

Currently, our Brand Ambassadors are as follows, please consider supporting their businesses!

Jackie's Stitch N Clay

Jackie's Stitch 'N Clay Logo

Simple Seams Co.
Simple Seams Co Logo