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Spack Craft Fabric Brand Ambassadors Logo Collage

Right from the start as I was dreaming of opening up a little fabric shop, I always imagined it with a handful of Brand Ambassadors from various backgrounds and categories.  In my head, they were fellow crafty individuals who loved to sew and who were awesome in their own right.  What if I could offer a win-win situation where everyone gets something?  

I have always loved crafting and was never picky about what, I just loved to be able to make something useful or pretty (preferably both!) with my own hands.  As an owner of a small handmade business, I have combined years of experience working as an engineer in a quality role with my passion for crafting useful and pretty things with quality materials and hardware.  I also have a passion for helping others reach their crafting goals and trying to inspire them to try things they fear is impossible in order to realize just how much they can do!  Last, but not least, I love to buy fabric - amongst many other crafting supplies, just ask Mr. SC! :) 

What better way to combine my love for buying large quantities of fabric and helping others who love to sew and craft, than to support other small handmade businesses and crafters?

When I fleshed out the program to add it to the website, I felt that offering a discount in exchange for some promotion on opt-in social media where it seems appropriate was a fair deal.  In my head, all I could picture was getting a shoutout for being their fabric source when they shared their amazing projects and products!  I am looking for a very organic and creative shared space with this program and I am already finding great joy in seeing the first creations starting to be made from fabric I sold!   

I launched Spack Craft Fabric with two Brand Ambassadors that I had a personal relationship with and was approached by an amazing third not long after our soft launch!  

Jackie's Stitch 'n Clay logo

The first, is my wonderful Sister-in-Law, Jackie, who has a small handmade business Jackie's Stitch 'n Clay.  She makes a variety of items from cotton such as scrub caps, wristlet bags and small wallets in a variety of prints.  Check out her Etsy shop here where her Scrub Caps are Best Sellers!  She is currently offering a summer sale and lots of items with free delivery!

Simple Seams Co Logo

The second, is a fantastic young entrepreneur that I have been mentoring who just started her own little sewing business, Simple Seams Co.  She is making scrunchies and doggy bandanas, but my absolute favourites are the matching sets!  I know she has lots more planned for her business, give her page a like so you can see what's next!  

Right after our soft launch, I was had someone contact me through my pages Contact Us function and I was thrilled!  Not only had someone seen my page, she had taken the time to reach out and inquire about my Brand Ambassador program.  This little dream of mine was starting to look a little more real! 

Quilted Self Portrait of Marijke from My Creative Quilts

Introducing Marijke from My Creative Quilts:  I took a look at her blog and I immediately thought, how awesome was her page!  Here is an avid crafter who has been quilting for almost 30 years and offers tips and tricks for beginners, ideas for those who are more advanced as well as offering some of her own designs for sale.  Check out her Blog and videos here!  I am truly looking forward to learning more about quilting from her!  Maybe she will finally convince Spack Craft's Chief Ironing Officer (AKA Mom) to sew!

Last, but not least, I reached out to a maker that I follow on social media.  Every time one of her pretty bags crosses my feed, I smile (and want them 🙂)! I am thrilled that she is joining me in this adventure as I also can't wait to see what she makes next from fabric I supplied!

Katie's Kreatives Logo

Welcoming Katie from Katie's Kreatives! 

Katie’s Kreatives was started after Katie had her first baby boy and realized she could make her own diaper bag. Since then, she has morphed into a bag, wallet and accessories obsessed mother of 3 boys and full time teacher. Katie uses quality fabrics along with Cork and Waxed Canvas to make her accessories beautiful!  Check out her amazing makes on Instagram here.

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