All sales are by the half yard! See our FAQ for more details.
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Cutting Policy

Regular Width Quilting Cotton:  default=cut

All regular width quilting cotton will be cut with either scissors or a rotary cutter at our discretion.  We typically add at least 1/2" to each 1/2 yard cut to accommodate edges that aren't straight.

Please note:  We cannot guarantee 18" of straight grain material due to the way fabric is wound on the bolt (often, its not completely straight)  The fabric is measured from one straight edge to another as it comes off the bolt at the selvedge and fold.  

Image of cutting table and straight edge grooves

Image demonstrating crooked edge over the line by at least 1/2"

Wideback Quilting Cotton:  default=torn

Available either cut or ripped (please leave an order note with your preference, if no note is left, the default will be to rip for wideback material to ensure a straight grain piece.  

If your preference is ripped, an additional 1.5" per edge will be added to account for the distortion along the tear.  

If you chose cut and the leading edge of the fabric was last torn, you will receive an additional 1.5" to accommodate the torn edge.  

The edge will not look straight as the fabric is often not wrapped straight on the bolt.  (This is why the default is to rip for wideback)

Short Cuts

While we don't offer refunds on cut fabric, occasionally we make a mistake.

If you feel your cut has been shorted, here is what you should do (before washing or cutting into the piece):

  1. Take a photo with a ruler or measuring tape across your cut at the selvedge showing the short cut. 
  2. E-mail or DM this photo and an explanation to the shop along with your order number.
  3. Allow us the opportunity to make it right!  Depending on how much the cut was shorted by and your preference, we will:
    1. Offer you credit for the amount shorted on a future order or refund the difference.
    2. Send you the difference (if your cut is short by 18" (1 unit) or more)
    3. Replace the cut entirely - This must be arranged in advance and you must send back the short cut in the same condition received (unwashed/unused)