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New Shipment! Hooray for more fabric and brands!

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It's been a little quiet on the social media and blog front, but we have been busy ordering fabric and very patiently waiting for it to arrive!  I do a little happy dance when a big box (or more) of fabric arrives at the doorstep!  

Yesterday's big box of fabric fun was from one of my new distributors and contained a little surprise that I wasn't expecting (in this shipment at least)!

New Shipment Hooray!

I had a little fangirl moment when the first thing I saw when I opened the box was these cute little half bolts of Riley Blakes Christmas Traditions collection

Riley Blake Designs - Christmas Traditions Collection

Yes, I squealed with delight when I saw them, they are really cute!  I already regret my decision to only buy half bolts, but hey, have to spread the budget around a little!  Some of this is making its way into my own personal stash for Christmas sewing!

I was so thrilled to get this in that I decided to offer a coupon code until the end of the month for 10% off your order! 

Use coupon code "XMASJULY" for 10% off one order. 

(Expires July 31, 11:59 EDT, one use per customer, no minimums)

If you love Riley Blake Designs, I've also ordered from their Hocus Pocus collection for Hallowe'en and their Bloom and Grow collection.  If you are ever curious to see what we have coming soon, check it out here!

In addition to the really cute Christmas prints, we also received some prints from Quilting Treasures and a couple from Blank Quilting.

Quilting Treasures

Selection from the Quilting Treasures collection

Blank Quilting

Blank Quilting prints

Spack Craft as the handmade brand, started doing vendor events at dog festivals so I am also so pleased to announce that the first of the animal prints that we have ordered have started to arrive!  Check out all of our animal prints in stock!

Stay tuned for more brands being added!  


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  • Cain on

    Hi there
    Desperately looking for (more than one style) of affordable VOLKSWAGON printed fabrics ….can you help a girl out?

  • Verna on

    hi do you have any back to school patterns or school bus patterns

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