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Product Review - Blade Saver

Blade Saver Demonstration Notions Product Demonstration Product Review Purple Hobbies LLC Review

Have you been wondering what to do with your old, dull rotary blades?  

Check out the Blade Saver by Purple Hobbies LLC!  This little notion packs a lot of thought into a small package!  We currently carry the blue and lilac colours, but the others can be ordered in!

Blade Saver - three photos showing the product closed, open and ready for use

The Blade Saver packs up into its stand/case and makes a great tool to add to your collection if you like to chain piece.  If you are wondering about what chain piecing is, I found a nice tutorial here.

Chain piecing doesn't just apply to quilters though!  I use it every day when I make batches of products for Spack Craft Handmade.  Most notably of late, I use chain piecing every time I make a batch of masks.  

Chain piecing saves time and thread at the machine and the Blade Saver helps even further by saving time on snipping!  

In the product demonstration video below, you see me use the Blade Saver to "snip" apart a line of mask pieces that I had just chain pieced together.  

Thanks for stopping by to learn about this super cool new product! 

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