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Adventureland by Suzy Quilts

2022 Baby Quilt Learning to Quilt Quick Project Quilt Quilt-Along Quilt-Top Rainbow Sew-Along Solids Suzy Quilts Tula Pink

As a reward for finishing part one of my Spring Cleaning efforts, I decided to treat myself to a quick quilt top from a pattern that kept popping up on my Instagram feed that looked both quick and simple!

  • Project: Adventureland Quilt
  • Pattern Designer:  Suzy Quilts
  • Total Cost so far:  46.20 + HST for the quilt-top & binding 
  • Bonus:  8 extra strips for another project plus extra ~40" quilt-top

As part of my intro to quilting, I have read many of Suzy Quilts blog posts and when her new Adventureland pattern kept showing up, I knew I had to sew it!  I don't work with solid colours often, but I wanted to see what I could come up with using the Tula Pink Solids Design Roll that we stock in the shop.

Note:  Suzy Quilts is currently in week one of a Sew-Along and its not too late to join in!  (Week one is picking your fabric)

Image of Tula Pink Solids Design Roll with Colorworks Solid in Snow

The roll itself had a few singles, but enough double pieces that I could make up pairs of strips for the baby size which called for 8 colour strips per quadrant. 

The pattern itself lists 28 pieces (the design roll had 40), however I ended up using 32 strips (8 colours x 2 sets of colours x 2 strips per colour = 32) and I chose to sew the entire length of each pair instead of cutting to length. 

16 colours chosen for Adventureland

While quasi following the pattern, I had an idea in my head to get two quilt tops for the price of one, so to speak.  Even if that plan didn't pan out, I figured I could use the rest of the piece to do something with!

Now I know jelly/design rolls aren't perfectly straight or sized all the time, but I figured that close enough would be the name of the game for this project as I wanted quick and simple. 

I pressed all the strips and proceeded to piece them in pairs and carefully keep them in order (although I took a picture of my plan just in case).

It turns out that I managed to only sew one set of strips on backwards, so one seam to rip wasn't too bad!

There is always at least one seam to rip!

After squaring up my colour strips, I added the white triangles and trimmed the diagonal cut on each quadrant. 

Cutting the colour strips on the angle

When I measured the offcut to the original, it was only about 2" different with the stripes in reverse order - woohoo!  Two quilt tops will come from this project!  

Second piece almost the same size as the first (about 2" shorter)

While my top didn't end up perfectly square, it ended up quite close! 

Almost square

I don't have a design wall set up, but the bed worked just fine for the final layout and subsequent clipping.

The only thing I think I changed on the final seam was I did it in two parts.  I started at the center seam and worked my way outwards so that I knew that the middle would line up perfectly.  

And voila!  Quilt top that I managed to finish over the weekend!

Finished quilt top

Next up:  Picking the backing fabric!  I think I am leaning towards Tula Pink's Fairy Dust in the purple since I don't want to mix the off-white with white.

Choosing the backing


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